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Our API at a glance

If you’re looking to create new music websites and applications, or to integrate music into existing services, we offer the perfect solution. Using our API, you can use and license the 7digital technology platform, which includes millions of tracks that can be delivered as downloads or streams, in a variety of formats.  From web to mobile, our ecosystem supports multiple operating systems and platforms, including Android, WebOS, HTML5, Linux, Bada and QNX.

Our Public API is completely free and open to everyone subject to 7digital API Usage Guidelines.  To get started please sign up for an API key and review our API documentation for more technical detail.

Access to API methods marked as PREMIUM requires a prior approval. Please get in touch with us for access to these.

Catalogue API

Catalogue browsing


Retrieves all artist's releases and top tracks, release details and tracks appearing on release.  You can also browse all available artists alphabetically, or list most recent or upcoming releases.



Search artists by name, releases by title, or UPC code and tracks by title or ISRC code.



Find similar artists for a given artist or get release recommendations for a given release.



7digital charts of best selling artists, albums and tracks.

Tags (genres)


Browse artists by tag or list most popular and latest release by tag.



30-60 second preview clips can be played via the API for all tracks.

Cover art & artist pictures


High quality (up to 800 pixels) cover art is available for all releases in our catalogue and artist pictures are available for all major artists.

Content filtering


Allows filtering out content (e.g. based on licensor or availability for streaming) directly on 7digital API servers.

CSV catalogue feed


If you prefer to handle catalogue browsing in-house or process the metadata "off-line" we have CSV dumps of the whole 7digital catalogue DB available along with daily updates.

Custom catalogue content


We offer the option to set up custom catalogues with your own content or a specific subset of 7digital's catalogue.

User management API

OAuth user authorization


Access to user resources is controlled using the OAuth authororization protocol - upon first access the user will be asked to authorise your application and you will receive a token for this user.  As long as you keep the token, the user doesn't have to repeat this step.

Payment methods management


7digital hosted secure web page for managing user's payment methods - adding, deleting and listing payment cards.  Upon adding a payment method users can be automatically redirected back to your website or application.

Custom branded account pages


Both user authorisation and payment management pages can be branded or skinned to match your specifications.

Client managed user accounts


If you'd like to keep the user accounts of your service separate from 7digital user accounts you can manage users completely within your own system.

Purchasing & Music locker APIs

Locker access


Access the details of all tracks in a user's 7digital music locker (a library of all music puchased from any 7digital powered service, stored in a cloud).

Affiliate purchases


Add buy links to your application that redirect users to a 7digital music store and earn commissions from their purchases.

Integrated purchasing


Allows users to make purchases directly within  your website or application.



7digital hosted basket that can be checked out directly via the API.

Custom pricing


Allows you to offer catalogue content at prices that suit you best.  They can be higher or lower than 7digital retail prices or even free if you're feeling generous.

Client handled billing


If you already have payment processing integrated into your system or you wish to use another 3rd party billing platform (e.g. mobile operator billing) we let you be in charge of taking payments for purchases.

Downloads and Streaming APIs

Locker downloads


Download any previously purchased track from a user's locker on their behalf.

ZIP downloads


Give users the option to download all tracks from a recent purchase or all tracks from a release in their locker as a single ZIP file.

Mobile downloads


Downloads are optimized for consumption on mobile devices.

Locker streaming


Stream any previously purchased track from a user's locker.

Radio style streaming


Streaming where the end user has no or limited control over the streamed content.

On-demand streaming


Users can stream any track from 7digital's catalogue without any restrictions.

Non-standard bitrates/formats


We can offer media downloads and streams in custom bit-rates and formats.

Reporting APIs

Web reports


Web interface with the latest stats of all purchases made through your API account.

Detailed offline reports


These can be delivered monthly or quarterly.

Custom sale tagging


All purchases made via the 7digital API can be tagged with up to 10 custom tags and included in the 7digital sales report.

Charts reporting


7digital is chart registered in 22 countries and all purchases made through the 7digital music store or directly via the API are counted in the official national charts.

Technical support

Community support


The latest API documentation, FAQs, client libraries and more can be found in this developer site.  Additional support is offered via the 7digital API developer discussion group which we actively monitor.

7digital support


Several levels of dedicated technical help are available during the integration phase and beyond, which includes direct 7digital email and phone contact.



Upon request we can organize 7digital API training sessions.

API customization


If you miss a particular functionality from our API we offer development of custom API methods.