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API Developers FAQ

What are the prices for using your API?

Our Public API is free for non-commercial use, provided it is in accordance with our API Usage Guidelines.

For other uses (such as commercial use, streaming, increased rate limits or access to our Premium API) prices vary depending on many factors. Before providing an estimation of cost, our Commercial Team will need to understand your requirements, such as operating territories, reporting requirements, licensing, desired API services and usage rates.

Please contact our Commercial Team, providing them with a description of the service you are building, and they will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

How can I gain access to the Premium API?

Access to the Premium API requires a commercial contract with 7digital. A commercial contract means that you will have to pay money to rights-holders (labels and publishers) and / or us. How much you will have to pay depends on the type of service you wish to build (downloads, streaming, radio, subscription etc), in which territories you want to launch, and on what kind of devices (mobile, desktop etc). Please understand that there are no exceptions to this before you contact our Commercial Team.

How do I gain access to your streaming services?

The Streaming API is part of our Premium API. Before we can provide you with access to this functionality you will need either need to negotiate your own music licenses with the relevant record labels/distributors/publishers or you will need to discuss commercial terms and processes for approved use of 7digital's own licensing agreements.

The musicbiz.org site provides some useful info on music licensing, such as:

You should get the music licenses in place first, as licensing is typically the most costly part and will also clarify how your service will be able to operate. Once you have negotiated licenses, please tell our Commercial Team about your service and they will they will be in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Can I use song previews from your API in my app?

If you are using our free, ‘Public API’ then preview clips must be used solely to promote the purchase of the given track - please have a read of our guidelines. You will have to obtain your own music licenses, if our usage guidelines aren’t met.

How can I allow people to purchase 7digital tracks straight from my site without having to leave it?

You can embed the 7digital “Buy Button", which is a widget that allows users to buy items while remaining on your site. For further information, please see our documentation about becoming an affiliate and the the 7digital “Buy Button".

I am having issues integrating my app with the 7digital API. Who can help me?

The best place to get your questions answered is our 7digital API Developers Forum.

If you can't find your answer in the existing posts, then please feel free to post it up and our developers, or a member of our community will endeavour to help.

I am getting the error "You have exceeded your daily request limit". Help!

You either have a really popular service there, or you need to have a look at your caching strategy. If you are sure you are using the API as efficiently as possible and still hitting your limit, you will need to contact our Commercial Team to discuss a solution.

How do I sign a request using OAuth?

We strongly recommend you use an OAuth library to sign your requests, as it can be difficult to implement yourself. We have prepared some OAuth guidance and a walk through to help you.

If you are receiving “invalid signature” errors, you can use this reference page to generate an OAuth signature and compare it with the signed requests you are making.

I am having difficulty using endpoints that require access tokens. What do I do?

Please read our step-by-step guide on how to obtain an access token.

Note that if you have an old access token and it contains reserved characters (eg. / + =) you'll need to obtain another access token. New access tokens will not contain reserved characters.