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API usage guidelines
  • Usage limits. Our Public API is limited to a rate of 4000 requests per day
  • Commercial Use. Our Public API is free for non-commercial users. If you would like to use the API in a commercial application, or if you're unsure whether you qualify as a non-commercial user, please contact us.
  • Use cache. If your website or application needs to access the same data repeatedly, please cache the metadata returned by 7digital API responses either directly in your code or by setting up a cached proxy to the API.
  • Storing provided content is not allowed. On client side only (e.g. browser, mobile device) you can also cache artist images, album packshots and preview streams. These can be cached for maximum time of 7 days. Full length streams may not be cached or permanently stored in any scenario. Downloads may not be cached or stored on servers but may be stored in client applications as directed by user request.
  • Do not scrape the API. Our API is designed for real-time use by humans. Please don't attempt to scrape the content in an automated way using scripts (e.g. getting release details for release IDs 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) as this will negatively affect the performance for other users, and you will be subsequently banned. If you need to process the catalogue data offline, please contact us and we can provide you with FTP access to an XML dump of the whole 7digital catalogue (as part of our Premium service).
  • Don't break the law. Using our API in connection with any illegal services is strictly prohibited.
  • Link to 7digital. Please let your users know that the data is being provided by 7digital. For versions of our logo and guidelines for its use, please download our press kit.
  • Let us know about your application. We love to see what people can do with our API, and your work gives us valuable feedback that influences how we shape our API in the future, and allows us to showcase your app to our users and clients. By giving us a chance to review your integration, we can also provide you with feedback, should we see any technical or legal issues. Let everyone know what you’re working on by posting a URL to http://groups.google.com/group/7digital-api or contacting us directly.
  • It's nice to share! If you've implemented a 7digital API wrapper in your favourite language, or have other pieces of code that you think others might find useful, we’d be grateful if you could share it with everyone. You can post your achievements to our Google group or simply let us know directly and we’ll publish it on the 7digital Developers site.

Our API is being updated constantly, please also take a look at our API Best Practices where you’ll find pointers on how to build applications that won't break with these incremental changes.

7digital monitors all API requests and we reserve the right to revoke your API key without notice if you do not follow the guidelines outlined here and the Full Terms and Conditions for use of the Public API.

Our Commercial API is subject to different Terms and Conditions. Please contact our Commercial Team for details.

7digital brand guidelines

We love to work with our partners on co-marketing activity and also want to help you market your service the best way possible. 

We will be posting some guidelines for marketing, merchandising and promotions soon so please check back. In the meantime, there are brand and integration guidelines below to help ensure that you are complying with our T&Cs and using our logos in the correct way. 

Please contact our Marketing team if you have any questions on this or any great promotional opportunities you want to talk to us about!