Following changes to our Catalogue API, we are releasing a change to the Basket API to support premium quality formats.

This release adds a package element below basketItem in all basket responses. This is to support the sale of music in different audio formats.

An example response would now look like this:

<response status="ok" version="1.2">     
 <basket id="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000">         
   <currency code="EUR">€</currency>             <value>0.99</value>             <formattedPrice>0,99€</formattedPrice>         </price>         <amountDue>             <currency code="EUR">€</currency>             <amount>0.99</amount>             <formattedAmount>0,99€</formattedAmount>         </amountDue>         <basketItems>             <basketItem id="15284882">                 <type>track</type>                 <itemName>Test</itemName>                 <artistName>Ghetto</artistName>                 <trackId>2458384</trackId>                 <releaseId>224820</releaseId>                 <price>                     <currency code="EUR">€</currency>                     <value>0.99</value>                     <formattedPrice>0,99€</formattedPrice>                 </price>                 <amountDue>                     <amount>0.99</amount>                     <formattedAmount>0,99€</formattedAmount>                 </amountDue>                 <package id="2" />             </basketItem>         </basketItems>     </basket> </response> -


The endpoints affected are:








(~/basket/create returns an empty basket, and is therefore not affected.)



API Updates
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 04:20

Today marks the beginning of the Technical Academy Tour as Academy Coordinator, Miles Pool, VP Technology, Paul Shannon and later, former apprentice, Mia Filisch head out across the UK to talk about our Technical Academy.


Continuous learning has always been part of the culture at 7digital and the Technical Academy allowed us to focus those ideas and start hiring apprentices. Changing the team entry requirements and providing a defined period of training allowed us to attract people from more diverse backgrounds and has increased the proportion of female developers in our team; it’s also strengthened the culture of learning and knowledge sharing at every level.

Emma-Ashley Liles
Monday, April 4, 2016 - 13:48

Since I started at 7digital I’ve loved our belief in continuous improvement. Throughout our history as a company we have had a number of influential women working in various parts of organisation yet I knew there was more we could do to improve the diversity of our tech team.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 18:30

Here at 7digital, we see the relationship between the customer and the developer as one of the most important aspects of software development. We treat software development as more of a craft than an engineering discipline. Craftsmen back in the day would have constant communication with their customers, receiving regular visits from their customer to discuss progress and alterations as the item takes shape.


Over the last twenty years, the agile software movement and extreme programming in particular has championed this with its short iterations, customer showcases and active customer participation in the creation of features.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 20:10

7digital software developer Mia Filisch attended the October 28th Velocity conference in Amsterdam. She was kind enough to share her account of the core takeaways here with us. She found that the core recurring theme around security was enough to inspire some internal knowledge sharing sessions she has already started scheming on. The diversity of insights led to a productive and informative conference. See below for her notes.


Key takeaways from specific sessions: