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By filip, 29th October 2014

To keep pace with the growing range of premium quality formats (16-bit FLAC, 24-bit FLAC at different sample rates, etc) offered in the 7digital catalogue we're introducing a dedicated download packages section in responses of our Catalogue API. The download packages section will logically group the available formats along with a price and availability for given package.

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By sharri.morris, 17th October 2014

Astro Malaysia held it’s annual GoInnovate Challenge Hackathon on the 10th-12th October at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

Hopefuls from all over Malaysia massed together for an exciting challenge set by Astro - to build a radio streaming demo. The demo product was meant to redefine the way we watch, read, listen and play with content in two unique hacks to be completed within a 48 hour deadline. Astro offered substantial rewards to those whose ideas that came out on top!

Day 0: Demo - Friday evening

By som, 15th July 2014

Our APIs will be changing in the near future to make the parameter of “country” a required field.

If you are not already passing the “country” parameter in all your API calls to 7digital, you may want to start doing so now. We are currently planning to implement the change on our side towards the end of the year, and hope that this will provide you with sufficient time to make the necessary changes ahead of the parameter being required.

By sam, 22nd April 2014

Last year we announced that we will be deprecating the old /track/preview endpoint. At that time we indicated that it would be turned off on the 4th November 2013. However, we decided to provide an additional grace period for clients to move across.

This endpoint has been disabled for any new API keys. We will be turning it off for all API keys in the future. A blog post will follow closer to the time but we strongly recommend to upgrade to the new endpoint ASAP.

By Ling, 31st March 2014

Today, we are happy to announce the availability of the 7digital Android SDK! 

One of our priorities is to make it as easy as possible for developers to use 7digital services in their own apps and with the new Android SDK we are taking another step forward in doing so. The SDK simplifies access to features available in the 7digital API and makes it easy to add music charts and metadata, preview streams, purchasing and more to your Android app.

By filip, 7th March 2014

Among other news today we've also enhanced the 7digital API with playlist functionality. As expected the Playlist API allows you to manage collection of tracks - the API can be used for sync'ing user created playlists across devices, driving a radio station playlist, curating editorial content or any other use case you can think of involing collections of tracks.

By filip, 23rd October 2013

We're continuing to improve our Catalogue API and we'll shortly be updating the release/tracks and track/details API endpoints. The following changes will be made to these endpoints:

By sam, 24th September 2013

We are planning to change the MIME types returned from our Media Delivery endpoints. For MP3 content we will be moving from returning audio/x-mp3 to audio/mpeg.

The following endpoints will be affected:

By admin, 22nd May 2013

In addition to JSON support we've also been hard at work improving the API itself. Here's some of the changes that we've introduced to Catalogue API recently. But first 2 important upcoming changes:

By admin, 21st May 2013
By popular demand we're working on adding support for JSON response format to our API. We're making a good progress and are now able to share some of it with you. Please note that this is still work in progress and we strongly advise you not to use JSON responses in any production evironment yet as we might be making minor changes to the format of the responses based on your feedback. Please do let us know how you find it, either in our 7digital API Google Group or by contacting us directly at
By chrisodell, 11th December 2012
On Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th December Paris held host to the first international API focused event in Europe -  Myself, and my colleague Hibri, eagerly took part and we gave a short presentation on how 7digital grew their public API, the lessons we learned and the effect it had on the way we work.  You can view the slides at the end of this post.
By admin, 7th August 2012
We will be performing an essential upgrade to our core network infrastructure on Thursday August 9th at 11am BST. This will affect the whole 7digital Platform and our services might be unavailable for up to 5 minutes. Whilst the upgrade is taking place the 7digital servers will be unreachable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
By admin, 6th July 2012
After more than 5 years in service the time has come to retire the 7digital XML feeds. But this is good news as we have a brand new feeds system in place as a replacement, please read further down for more details. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART FIRST: If you're currently using the old FTP-based XML feeds and haven't received an email with upgrade instructions from us please contact before Wednesday July 18th. The current FTP-based XML feeds will be permanently turned off on October 1st 2012. * The new 7digital Catalogue Feeds
By goncalopereira, 18th April 2012
Why metrics? Since I joined 7digital I've seen the API grow from a brand new feature side by side with the (then abundant) websites to be the main focus of the company. The traffic grew and grew and keeps on growing in an accelerated pace and that brings us new challenges. We've brought the agile perspective into play which has made us adapt faster and make fewer errors but:
  • We can do unit tests but they don't bring out the behaviour.
  • We can do integration tests but they won't show the whole flow.
  • We can do smoke tests but they won't show us realistic usage.
By goncalopereira, 28th March 2012
Went to Amsterdam Music Hack Day and left with a working Tomahawk Resolver for 7digital previews, a spiked locker integration and some cool ideas on how to promote 7digital with Open Source This will allow Tomahawk to use 7digital’s track search and listen to previews, in the future it will integrate buy buttons and help out Tomahawk to work with 7digital :-) The locker integration is spiked using a local service which would be provided/maintained by either 7digital or a third party so it won’t be available immediately after the demo as there are feature, performance and security concerns. What was used
By hibrimarzook, 17th February 2012


I’ve started to explore mono, with a view to moving some of our web applications to Linux. Used MonoDevelop  on OSX to  spike a simple HttpHandler to return a response.  I was more interested in how the hosting and deployment story worked with mono.

This is a little list of things I discovered as I went along. has  list of the hosting options available.  Went with the Nginx option.  Mono comes with xsp, which is useful for local testing.

By admin, 13th October 2011
We will be the first to admit that our search has been far from optimal for some time, it's something that's frustrated us as much as it has our users. Unfortunately the unprecedented growth of 7digital has taken its toll on the original search infrastructure that powered our platform for the last 7 years - that's right we were 7 this year.
By paulshannon, 14th September 2011
I’ve always encouraged new starters in my previous team to write a post summarising their first impressions, so after starting at 7Digital 2 weeks ago I thought I’d do the same. While the aforementioned new starters are usually fresh faced graduates, I’m more a lived-in, agile, worked-at-the-coal-face, TDD obsessed, software craftsman who played a major part in bringing agile principles and practices to my former team. I've joined the services team, working on the 7Digital API, the Asset Server and Accounts web app. First Impressions
By andresaragoneses, 29th July 2011
As software developers, our role is to provide solutions to our customers needs. Sometimes it is by writing new code, new features and innovative products. But often it is also in the role of developer support; answering customer queries, triaging bug reports etc. We spend a signficant amount of our time every day in the latter of these roles, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our work in this regard (as we do with all of our work).